Getting Close

We have been taking a lot of pictures that have shown large subjects or landscapes.  Well, it’s time to get a little closer.  This project will challenge to really focus on small objects.  These smaller objects will now take up your shot.  We will be using new settings on our cameras (Macro) and this is a good time to explore some actually photography settings in apps like

Look for this icon on our cameras.

VSCO to take these photos.  There are links below that will give you some ideas of photos to take.


+Nikon Gallery and Tips

+Macro Gallery of 50 Pictures

+ Macro Tips for iPhone Users

You will need:

+ 10 edited and published photos in a Google Drive album

+  Your favorite image in your post

+ Review of the task for new visitors to your website.

+ What worked well for this project? Did you try something new?

+ What were your challenges? Was it difficult to find subjects? Any issues with the cameras?

+ If you had the equipment, time, and ability to get there, what would you like to photograph close up?

+ Post in the “Up Close” category and your class period category.