COVID Quarantine Color Hunt

It’s time to get our photography skills going. The purpose of this first project is to get you looking around where you are everyday. Like the title implies, you are going to be going on a color hunt. If we were in the classroom under normal circumstances you would be looking around LPMS for colors that match crayons. Yup, crayons. Because we are doing online learning and you all are in different places, you will have some options for this project. MY (don’t copy them) examples are below. You can hunt for the colors of the rainbow. Remember ROY G. BIV. You can also hunt for a color gradient, different shades of the color. The third option you have is to match 7 colored pencils, crayons, or markers with colors around you.

Here are the colors of the rainbow for reference.

I want you to think about lighting, camera angles, and finding creative items that show the colors you are looking for. We will have projects that will target camera angles and lighting later this semester.

How do you turn in your images? You have a couple of options. You can put them all in a Google folder and turn in your photo link through Canvas or you can upload all 7 images in Canvas. If you make a Google folder, you will get to keep your photos after this class is over. You can also use apps on your phone to create a collage of your photos.

Make sure you join into our second class session so you can see how to turn in your work. I will record it with Zoom. PLEASE do not turn anything in until we meet on Thursday or Friday!

Below are my examples for this project.

7 Crayons