Catch the Action

For the most part, our subjects haven’t been in motion.  Well, we don’t just want motion for this project we want action!  With cameras getting smaller and more powerful (like a GoPro) it is easier to get great action shots.  Your goal is to photograph your classmates in action.  This will take planning an multiple tries to get the shot.  Do NOT settle.  Things to think about….. your backgrounds, camera angles, composition (rule of 3rds), lighting, and creativity.  So whether you are kicking, throwing, swimming, catching, or jumping, just catch the action.

Tips from the pros:

10 Tips for Stunning Action Photography

Beginner Tips for Shooting Action Photography


+ 10 single action photos with at least 3 non-human subjects (variety of people and actions).

+ 1 photo in your post with logo

+ Explain the project.

+ What did you do, either with settings or set up, that helped capture good images?

+ Using the tips we looked at at this beginning of this project, which tips do you think are the most important and explain why.  Include the link in your post to give the original author credit. Link:

+ What sport or action would you want to photograph if money, time, and travel distance wasn’t an issue? Why?

+ Active link to your Google Drive album