7 Days (Sort of)

This class has been designed around “viral” photo projects.  One of the most popular to hit the web was the “7 Days of Black and White”.  The “rules” are no people, no explanation, regular life, has to B&W, and then tag a friend.  For me personally, my social media feeds are now filled with interesting (some better than others) black and white photos. Even if the pictures that are on my feed aren’t great, it’s been a nice break from news from around the world that can easily get you down.  With the end of your middle school career coming in a few weeks  this seems like the perfect day to include a “7 day challenge”.  However, let’s break some of the “rules”.  Here’s what I would like to see, it’s ok to call this a little cheesy.

  • 7 photos that show what you are thankful for in your life.  This can be tricky, but I really want you to think about it.  There is so much negative around us, let’s try to think positively.
  • B&W is preferred, but you can use color
  • You can have people and pets in your photos.
  • A photo can be made up of more than one photo.
  • Explanation of each photo.  If you’re thankful for a person in your life, tell us (and them) why.  It might just be what they needed.
  • Use what we have practiced….. composition, color, backgrounds.
  • Write a better than “8th grade” quality post.
  • 7 Days is the number of days you have (including the weekend) to collect your photos.
  • Post it in the category “7 Days”.