Then I Asked Them To Smile

For this project we had to go to 15 people and ask them if we could take 2 pictures of them; 1 smiling and 1 not smiling. This project was difficult because I was afraid to ask people and usually when I did, they said no. For some of the pictures, you can see a big difference between the smiling picture and the non-smiling picture. One of the things you can see is that the person doesn’t look that nice or happy in the non-smiling picture, but in the smiling picture, the person looks a lot more happy and friendly. One of the things that can affect a photographer taking pictures is their bias towards the client/subject. For example, if the client is a single parent raising two kids, then the photographer might put them in a power pose versus if the client/subject was homeless and/or poor, the photographer might make them look a little bit sadder in the picture. If I got hired, I wouldn’t ask the person’s background, or job, I would ask how they feel, or how their life is going for them because is I ask about their background I know I’ll have a bias. Here are my photos 🙂

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