5 Angles

For the 5 angles project, I had to take 5 photos of 3 things in all different angles. One of those things had to be a person. Taking five photos in all different angles was more difficult than you would think. Something challenging about taking all 5 photos was the fact that you could not be on the same plane on a different side, it had to be a full new angle. This proved challenging if the object was laying on something as you would lose a lot of potential angles. I feel like the hardest object to photograph was the Jolyn stickers on my binder. It was the hardest to photograph because it  was a flat object laying against a flat surface. This project helped me learn a lot of new angles and different ways to take photos that I didn’t think of before. My favorite photo is probably an above angle of my friend Valerie (below). To see the rest of pictures from this project, click here. 

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