My Bio

Hi, my name is Ryan,I am thirteen years old. I live in Maryland and I am a eighth grade student. I have one brother and a doge named Nicki, he is 6. I like to play AAU Basketball in Maryland year round and I play small forward . I also play soccer in the fall and spring and I play goalie . I also enjoy watching Family Guy, The Office and How I Met Your Mother. Over the summer I to to a seven week sleepaway camp in the United states. I also go on a yearly beach trip for a week with my family


Hi my name is Jake. I am thirteen years old.  I have two brothers that are both older than me.  My main sport is soccer, but I also play tennis and run.  I play on a travel soccer team that travels a lot.  My team is very competitive.  We won state cup last year, and we plan on winning it again this year.   I play center defense and I am a starting player.  My family and I love to travel.  We travel to all different places like Hawaii and Florida.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing sports with them.  I also like spending time with my brothers and playing sports with them.  I am a very adventurous person.  For example in Hawaii we went on a hike to a 300 foot waterfall and stood behind it and watched it fall on to a giant boulder.   


Hi! My name is Emma. I am in 8th grade. My favorite subject is math because I am good at it. My favorite sport is soccer and I play it year round for a travel team. I play forward but when needed I can also play defense. I also play basketball and do swimming in the summer. I am a guard/point for basketball and my favorite stroke for swimming is breaststroke. I have a dog named Bailey. He is a Cockapoo and I got him 7 years ago. I have a twin sister and an older brother. In my free time I love to play sports, hang with my friends, and play with my dog. My favorite shows are Chicago Fire, P.D. , Med, Justice, This is Us, and Blacklist. And my favorite color is green! Thanks for visiting my site!