Photo App Review

The application that I find most resourceful when editing photos is Snapchat.

Snapchat is a social media app that allows you to apply many filter to pictures you take in your everyday life.  Snap chat is a way to show of your pro photography skills to your family and friends.  The enormous amount of filters leave you discovering something new every day because of the frequent and automatic updates.  A very famous Snapchat filter is the dog face which turns you and your friends into adorable puppies that move and stick out their tongs.  Snapchat updates its filter for ever holiday and adds faces what relate to that celebration.  Snapchat has mastered augmented reality and allows you to take picture of various object that dance around your every day world.   For example you can photography a dancing hot dog who is definitive the coolest kid in town.   Once you have taken your picture you can write a caption do describe what you are doing, flip through different designed names that tell your friend where you are.  You can even record the speed you are traveling at and the time you look the picture.  Snapchat is my favorite photo editing app because of the expansive amount of fun and exciting enhancer that make me laugh ever time I look at my professional photos.  Snapchat is the dream application for all photographers wrapped in a main stream social media mega app.




BeFunky is an amazing photo editor that allows you to turn any picture from landscapes to selfies into professional photos.  Befunky has every modification that you could think of.  my favorite available addition is the ability to ads diffident objects into your image fro example a party hat.  My Image had the following add-ons 2 text boxes, a party hat cartoon image, a two shaded outline, and a colorful light decoration.  Befunky allows you to insert thousands of different enhancers to your professional image.  BeFunky is without a doubt my favorite online photo editing site because of the easily to use and inspiring website design as well as the professional photo touch up tools.  I hope you explore this treasure trove of image editing and share your creations with the world.





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