Hello, my name is Jack and I am an aspiring photographer.  I enjoy photographing nature scenes such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon.  I love to travel and take pictures of the sights so I can enjoy them my whole life and share them with others. I look forward to traveling to the cities of Rome, Athens, Berlin, Bern, Tokyo, and Sydney which are all places that I love to see one day.  The most amazing part of photographs are the stories that they tell to future and present generations about the world they live in.  

My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, as well as playing pickle ball and tennis.  The challenge of that excites me and pushes me to persist.  U.S. History fascinates me and I revel in learning about my country’s history. During the school year  I enjoy all of my classes, but especially Math and U.S. History.  My favorite genre of books are nonfiction, biography, historical fiction, science-fiction and fantasy( Distopia/Utopia).  My favorite book ever is Blood on the River which is historical fiction novel about life in the British colony of Jamestown.  I love writing realistic fiction stories.  My two favorite sports are pickleball and tennis.  In my opinion, the most enjoyable part of both of those games is volleying.

I have a pet dog named Maddie, who is a coton de tulear which is french for, cotton of Tuleur.  In the past I had 3 fish who were named Ruby, Sapphire and Blue. My favorite animal is the Tiger because of it’s immense strength, agility and power.  The color that I find most compliment worthy is orange because of how bright and energetic it is.  My favorite food is pizza which is one of the reason I want to voyage to Italy so I can visit the birthplace of my favorite food.

Once I finish middle school I would love to go to a magnet high school which would help me get into a university.  Once I finish college I would love to earn a master’s degree and a PHD.  My dream job is to be an engineer and assist making energy resources more environmentally friendly.  I will never stop being enthusiastic about photography and the pictures I take.  Now you know a little about my life and what this site has to offer.