Portraits-Jack Swisher



In order to produce the magnificent linked photographs above,  I used many camera settings.  These pictures are much darker than your average image.   To create this darkened effect I employed a very fast shutter speed.  In other words, the light being emitted from the background and my subjects has very little time to reach the lens.  This is why the backgrounds are almost completely black and the faces look more like silhouettes.  ISO settings in these images are very low.  The images are not sensitive to light which is made clear by their darkness.  All of these settings were manipulated manually and required a photographer’s expertise.  These images were edited using Adobe Photoshop.

During this project it was easy to edit the photos and add the link of their album into my website.   However it was very difficult to upload these images to Google Photos from Adobe Photoshop.  I became confused with the JPEGs and the folders; as well as, where to locate my work.  Overall this project challenged me and produced professional images I am proud to share.


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