Carol Guzy/The Washington Post

This photo is of Agim Shala a baby escaping form Yugoslavia into Albania.  Agim and his family is ethnically Albanian.  In their home country of Yugoslavia a genocide of ethnic Albanians is raging.  They hope to escape into Albania where they will be safe.  I was drawn to this image by the mountain in the background and I wondered where this boarder crossing was taking place. I can’t understand how people can be so evil that they would kill thousands of people just because of their ethnicity.  This photographer captured a historic event. 


Jeff Bauman rests during occupational therapy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital less than a month after having his lower legs blown off in the first of two pressure cooker bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon. (Josh Haner, The New York Times - May 8, 2013)

This photo depicts a man who lost both of his legs in the Boston bombings. He was working hard to recover and had to take a break.  Evil people around the world think they can destroy the American people by taking our lives and limbs, but they never will, because American courage and persistence will prevail.  I was drawn to this photo because the Boston bombing was a very horrific event. 


Photojournalists face many challenges.  It is hard to capture history without disturbing it.  In many situations photojournalists put their live on the line, to take a photo.  These people view very disturbing scenes that make them wish they could help.  The reward of being a photojournalist is educating the world about the event they capture.   


This is a picture of Jackie Kennedy holding her daughter, Caroline Kennedy, in the creating Camelot exhibit.  I like this image because it brings the Kennedy family to life.  I was able to see Jackie Kennedy as a real person instead of a historical figure. It think the chair in the background definitely assists in conveying this mood.  Jackie Kennedy is probably the most loved first lady in American history. She was adored by the American public and the world.  This made her a large part of the press and and the news covered her every action.  this image is a great addition to the Newseum.

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