24 Colors



Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tofwi2iRaf1RgEMz1


The 24 color project is an artistic group of photos that incorporate every day life backgrounds and match them with 1 of 24 colors.  Our assignment was to placidly employ a crayon into a picture with the matching color in it.  During our 24 colors project we were faced with many challenges while having lots of fun.  I struggled to edit the photo and organize them into a folder where I could easily add them into my post.  The most challenging part of the entire project was submitting my pictures and putting them into a universal storage space.  I found it very easy and exciting to actually take the picture and find backgrounds with the appropriate color.  Through much trial and error I found a very efficient way to add my logo into the photos that I was using for my project.  This assignment was so much fun and it definitely opened my eyes to all the stunning colors and photo opportunities around me.

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