7 Days

I am very thankful for all that I have

  1. I am thankful for my favorite country, and my home the United States of America because of its everlasting glory and power.  The United States is symbolized by the American flag.
  2. I am thankful for the state of Maryland because it is where I have lived all my life and where I have grown up.  The Maryland flag is shown.
  3. I am thankful for my dog Maddie who is always their to make me smile.  Maddie is featured in a very cute photo.
  4. I am thankful for the SGA because it has allowed my to share my opinions and lead our great school.  The SGA board where students are updated on the SGA’s work is featured.
  5. I am thankful for my middle school the best school in the world with wonderful teacher and lots of fun activities.  My middle school has allowed me to flourish as a student.  The LPMS mascot is a falcon.
  6. I am thankful for fires because they are very cozy and cool.  I greatly enjoy sitting by the fireplace and watching a movie with my family
  7. I am thankful for the world and all the wonderful people that have lived and live in it.  I love learning about all the different cultures and nations of Earth.  This idea is symbolized by many different flags.

Rule of Thirds



In the image above I used the 2/3 vertical line.  A person is featured in this photo 2/3 to the right of the image.  In the other photos I have attached I used various different lines such as the bottom 3rd horizontal line.  

This project was lots of fun but difficult in many ways.  finding the right place to take the photo was challenging in a good way.  Editing photos is getting easier but is still a challenge for me.  It was fun going outside and taking. 

It think adhering to the rule or thirds is a great way to take amazing photos.  the rule of thirds makes your eyes travel across the photo.  It also creates an emphasis on the setting as well as the subject.  Before this project I had heard of the rule of thirds but didn’t think about it much.  Because of this assignment I will never take a photo again without at least think about the rule of thirds.  



Light Graffiti



For the past two weeks my group and I had lots of fun working on our light graffiti projects.  Ansh, Jack P., Carter and Me (Jack) were able to create colorful and creative light images.  In order to do this we increases my camera’s shutter speed. The shutter speed variated from picture to picture ranging from 15 to 8 seconds.

The pictures looked good when when the subject was standing still  and 1 or 2 people painted the light.  All of the pictures I have included were created using this methodology.  We tried to incorporate creative ideas that look interest but are not to complicated.

When we tried to have to subject move during the time the shutter was open our product was blury and looked very unprofessional.  We also tried to thow glow sticks away from the camera but not enough light reached the camera to create an image.

I was never frustrated during this project especially since it was so fun. Although it was hard for me to paint the light in some pictures.

In order to make this project even better I think we should be able to use the stage in the all purpose room as the setting of our photographs.  It think the groups should be more spread out between different rooms to avoid light pollution.

This project was such an amusing experience.  light graffiti is a great why to experiment with light.  I will never forget this project and hope to use what I have learned again.