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This project was okay, but no where near as fun as some of the other projects we have completed during this semester.  In my opinion the smile photos project did not allow for as much creativity as projects like the 24 colors project or the light graffiti project.  It was kind of awkward going up to random people asking to take their picture, watching them think about it, explain the project and then taking the pictures.   It was very time consuming to enter every picture into google slides, crop them, and then make sure the two pictures were lined up in the middle of the page. 

When I asked people to wear a neutral un-smiling face, they sometimes looked intimidating or un-friendly.  On the contrary when the the subjects were asked to smile the lit up and appeared open and friendly.  This project shows how important it is to smile everyday and advertise yourself as a happy, positive and friendly person.  As a photographer, I have also learned to fairly portray my subjects in the pictures I take.  If I can fairly show my subjects then they will be free of stereotypes and generalizations.

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