Set In The Street

Our Set in the street photography project was very fun to create.  Over the past two weeks my photography class has been assigned to build a set.  Everyone was working hard to make our set look great.  It was a long and difficult process, but along the way we had fun and in the end had a excellent result.  


First we had to build the background.  A makeshift wall would have to do for our background.  Our class was split up into three groups each being responsible for  a section of the wall.  After cutting wood into planks using an electric saw we assembled the outline of the wall. Then added a board going through the middle.  The next day we screwed pieces of drywall onto the boards.  We then painted the drywall grey. To set up for arts night, we connected the walls together.  After school students built a stand for the wall. They then decorated with couches, a picture, coffee tables and a bookshelf.  


Overall, this process was very efficient.  As a class we were able to complete the scene in a very short amount of time.  Students got to show their skill at carpentry and using building tools.  I learned a lot about building and got to use a drill correctly.  I was able to collaborate with my peers to create something we could all enjoy.  In order to make the process even more efficient we could have created roles for each member of the group.


Our final product was very satisfactory.  The scene we created looked like it belong in an actual living room.  Many people who attended arts night were able to lounge in the couches and have their pictures taken.  I truly enjoyed creating our Set In The Street project and learned a lot.

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