My app review- Xavier Suggs

My favorite online photo app


My favorite online photo app is BeFunky ™ . BeFunky ™  is an online app that you can use to edit photos. All you have to do is transfer your photo to photo editor and you can edit it. If you need to bulk up yourself on a dating app you can do it here. The BeFunky ™  app allows you to crop, resize, route, cut out, beautify and even change the background. My favorite part of the app is what you can do with your boring pictures, you can crop out anything you don’t like, adjust the brightness of the picture, and use Funky Focus which allows you to blur somethings to highlight the most important parts of the photo. Fun is literally it’s middle name, so you can be creative on the site.

My favorite posting app


My favorite posting app is Snap-chat. Snap-chat is a social app, an app where you can post your pictures showing your friends what you’re doing. You can also see what your friends are doing, and comment on their post. My favorite part of the app is the fact that you can use filters. The filters can make you look like a dog, poindexter, make you vomit rainbows? Filters are can make you look really funny. The point is that Snap-chat is a great site to show what you’re doing to/or with your friends.Image result for snapchat

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