This semester I had photography, and it was fun. I always thought photography was a novelty, but now I see that it is an artform and a career. After this picture I will never take a selfie one handed and now whenever I take a picture I think of the rule of thirds. My favorite project was the light graffiti because in that project my group made it look like I did a kamehameha which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Although I’ve had a great time in photography, I don’t want to be a photographer, although I will try to continue learning about it in High School.




7 Days(Sort Of)

This project was about looking at the positive side of life and we were supposed to take pictures of 7 things that we were tankful for. In this project, I thought it was important to use the rule of thirds. Every since that project I’ve been putting the most important parts of pictures on the line. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

1. I’m thankful to be able to come to a place after school to have fun with my friends and play free games.

2. I’m thankful for all of my teachers, especially Mr. Banks, although his name is rather misleading

3. I’m thankful for my school that I can be educated from and learn things from.

4. I’m thankful for basketball, I enjoy playing it all the time.

5. I’m thankful for my family! During Thanksgiving my extended family came like my Uncle Tiny, my Aunt Bird, and my other Uncle Neph-Neph. We give each other lots of nicknames.

6. I’m thankful for my AAU basketball team, I just finished my first season with them!

7. I’m thankful for my friends. My friends are always with me in my time of need and I’m there when they need me.


So I asked them to smile…

So I asked them to smile was a project were we went around our neighborhood and school and asked people to smile and not smile. At first I was skeptical of this project because it meant that I had to ask strangers to smile and not smile, that meant I got declined a lot, but some brave people did take pictures and they were good. We saw the differences in the faces of people smiling and not smiling. When you first look at a person and they’re not smiling they might look mean, scary, or creepy, but when you ask them to smile they seem kind and funny, that’s why I asked them to smile.



Image result for pulitzer prize photographs At the Newseum went to see the Pulitzer Prize Photo section and I saw an image that I thought was crazy. It was a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby. Lee Harvey Oswald was the person who shot John F. Kennedy, and he was being taken into custody by the police. If I were the photographer I would be scared out of my mind. First off, I’d be scared of Lee Harvey Oswald because he killed the president, then when the shots were fired I would have been gone, I wouldn’t have the sense to take the photo.

My favorite exhibit was the Black Panther Exhibit. The exhibit had the events  protest and sit-ins of 1967. I enjoyed seeing all the unknown people who helped us get closer to equality, and I liked the rules that college students about made about the sit-ins.