Hello world!

Hi, my name is Xavier, I’m an 8th grader from Maryland. My favorite hobby is playing basketball, it’s my ONLY hobby!…Just kidding, but it is my favorite thing to do. Throughout the summer I played basketball every day, and for about 3 hours. I also play for an AAU team, but our season ending in June, sadly. I played point guard for my team, my team didn’t go great this year, we finished 3-5, but we made the playoffs. That could speak to the toughest of our league, or the softness. Either way, I’m glad to be on the team, it gave me my basketball nickname, Dead-eye. I love it. I got that nickname by hitting 5 three’s in my AAU tryout.


Other things I enjoy to do are playing video games, going to the movies, and reading. My favorite book is The Tale Of Despereaux. It’s a book about a tiny mouse with giant ears overcoming the odds and saving England from a bunch of low down rats. My favorite video game is no doubt, Pac-Man World 2. The game makes Pac-Man’s World bigger than just a maze, the story is kinda iffy, but the nostalgia gets to me. I don’t really have a favorite movie, but my favorite types of movies are superhero movies and mobster movies, but I’m also a sucker for romance. My favorite show is a mix between, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock. So I’m guessing you know what my favorite type of show is. Even though basketball is my favorite sport I also play football, soccer, and basketball. Another hobby of mine is biking, it’s a fun way to get around places quicker.

These are just a couple of things you should know about me.

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