Rule Of Thirds



The rule of thirds helps put emphasis on what’s important in a picture. Rule of thirds divides a picture into 9 sections like a tic-tac-toe board. At first in the Rule of thirds project, I thought the most important things in the picture would go in the middle of the grid, but in reality they go on the lines. A hard part of a project was choosing what was important in a picture. There were so many things I could highlight, it was hard to determine what made the cut. I was happy that we were able to experiment with different backgrounds. I was able to go inside and outside and find interesting things to highlight.

Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti was arguably my favorite project. We had to use flash lights to light up people in a dark room. The thing that worked well was lighting up the people so you could clearly see them in the dark room. The hardest thing to do was staying still while the people were lighting me up. My Shutter Speed setting was at 8 seconds, not to long, but enough time to create the objects. If you’re trying to take the project to the next level I think you should get more flashlights and glow sticks.

Infinite Backgrounds


This project was about making the backgrounds of the picture look infinite, that meant trying to avoid showing shadows. I had to adjust the camera’s ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-stop to get my picture just right. The hardest part of the project was editing the photos so that you couldn’t see the shadows, so I had to crop out a lot of things. The easiest part of the project was posing for the pictures. I hope you like my pictures as much as I do.  Link is below.