7 Days

I am thankful for Fortnite because I play it with my friends in my free time. Without Fortnite I would be very bored. I also enjoy destroying everyone I see in Fortnite. I always get the Victory Royale.

I am thankful for Grotto Pizza because it is some of the best pizza in Maryland.  Grotto Pizza never leaves me hungry and gives me something very good to eat. It is for sure the best place to eat at the beach.

I am thankful for lacrosse. I am thankful for lacrosse because it is a very fun sport to play. In most of my free time I play lacrosse. If I didn’t play lacrosse I would be out of shape and bored.

I am thankful for the turf because without it we would have to have gym on the grass. This is bad because on rainy days we would get all muddy. So because of the turf we are nice and dry.

I am thankful for my teachers at Lakelands. I am thankful because they teach me everything I need to know to be prepared for High School. If I didn’t have great teachers like Ms. Phillip I wouldn’t be very smart and unprepared for High School.

I am thankful for my dogs because they always keep me company. If I didn’t have my dogs I would get bored a lot more frequently. The dogs always put a smile on my face and make me keep track of them. So I have to stay responsible and take care of them.

I am thankful for my basketball because in my free time when I’m not playing Fortnite or lacrosse I am playing basketball. Basketball always gives me something to do. There are endless things you can do with a basketball. If you are good like me you can do a 360 between the legs windmill dunk on 10 feet. But for people who can’t do that you can shoot, make layups, and even do trick shots.


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