In this project we took photos of our peers in action. We had to set up the shot and perfectly time the picture. I had to pick a spot where no one will interfere  and time the shot perfectly. I suggest you try and get a very good camera and time them perfectly. It will take lots of practice. I would photograph lacrosse because I love the sport and would be very easy to capture great images.

Super Macro

I had to go really close to objects and take pictures in high focus. One thing that worked well was finding simple objects that are easy to get close to and have cool textures.  I did try something new because I have never taken a super macro photo before.  Some challenges was getting the camera close but not too close to the point where it got blury. But there was no issues finding subjects or issues with my camera. I would like to photograph a snowflake because each one is unique and they look cool.

I told them to smile

It was easy to take the photos but it took a while to put them all next to each other. I see the change very easily from when they are not smiling to when they smile. Your bias could effect who you choose to photograph and where based on your stereotypes you created. You can ask them positive questions like how was your day? But don’t ask for religion, race, or gender so you don’t stereotype.