Final Project

In this semester of photography I learned a lot about taking high quality photos. I used to not care about the lighting or angle of the shot.  My thoughts have changed a lot about photography. My thoughts have changed because I think taking photos requires a lot more skill than I used to give it credit for. I have changed the way I take photos now. I try to apply techniques I have learned from this class. Like when I take photos I try to use rule of thirds to focus on the subject.  My favorite project this year was the rule of thirds. I liked that project because it is a skill I can apply to my daily life when taking photos. I wouldn’t like to be a photographer as a career. I wouldn’t like it because you have to take some photos that are hard to look at. Like the Pulitzer prize photo with the vulture and the little girl. I might take it my sophomore year in high school. I might take it because it’s a fun class where I can apply the skills to my everyday life.

7 Days

I am thankful for Fortnite because I play it with my friends in my free time. Without Fortnite I would be very bored. I also enjoy destroying everyone I see in Fortnite. I always get the Victory Royale.

I am thankful for Grotto Pizza because it is some of the best pizza in Maryland.  Grotto Pizza never leaves me hungry and gives me something very good to eat. It is for sure the best place to eat at the beach.

I am thankful for lacrosse. I am thankful for lacrosse because it is a very fun sport to play. In most of my free time I play lacrosse. If I didn’t play lacrosse I would be out of shape and bored.

I am thankful for the turf because without it we would have to have gym on the grass. This is bad because on rainy days we would get all muddy. So because of the turf we are nice and dry.

I am thankful for my teachers at Lakelands. I am thankful because they teach me everything I need to know to be prepared for High School. If I didn’t have great teachers like Ms. Phillip I wouldn’t be very smart and unprepared for High School.

I am thankful for my dogs because they always keep me company. If I didn’t have my dogs I would get bored a lot more frequently. The dogs always put a smile on my face and make me keep track of them. So I have to stay responsible and take care of them.

I am thankful for my basketball because in my free time when I’m not playing Fortnite or lacrosse I am playing basketball. Basketball always gives me something to do. There are endless things you can do with a basketball. If you are good like me you can do a 360 between the legs windmill dunk on 10 feet. But for people who can’t do that you can shoot, make layups, and even do trick shots.



In this project we took photos of our peers in action. We had to set up the shot and perfectly time the picture. I had to pick a spot where no one will interfere  and time the shot perfectly. I suggest you try and get a very good camera and time them perfectly. It will take lots of practice. I would photograph lacrosse because I love the sport and would be very easy to capture great images.

Super Macro

I had to go really close to objects and take pictures in high focus. One thing that worked well was finding simple objects that are easy to get close to and have cool textures.  I did try something new because I have never taken a super macro photo before.  Some challenges was getting the camera close but not too close to the point where it got blury. But there was no issues finding subjects or issues with my camera. I would like to photograph a snowflake because each one is unique and they look cool.

I told them to smile

It was easy to take the photos but it took a while to put them all next to each other. I see the change very easily from when they are not smiling to when they smile. Your bias could effect who you choose to photograph and where based on your stereotypes you created. You can ask them positive questions like how was your day? But don’t ask for religion, race, or gender so you don’t stereotype.

Light Graffiti

I took the photos using specific settings on the camera. The settings that I used were ISO at 100 and shutter speed at 10 seconds. We did this so that the camera could pick up all of the light possible in that period. Some things that worked was moving the light slowly so there are no streaks. Also, you can turn the light on and off to prevent unwanted lines because all light is picked up. Some frustrations were when the person moves it becomes blury. Some ideas are having different colored lights and having a better camera.


This photo is very cool. It is the last game for the  greatest baseball player, Babe Ruth. It is very touching because it’s sad to see him leave baseball.

This photo is very sad because an African girl is about to die and the vulture is going to eat her. It drew me to it because of how sad it was.

If I were the photographer I wouldn’t be able to separate my job from being a human. The struggles are seeing the terrible things you see. The rewards are praise.

My second exhibit is the 9/11 exhibit. At the 9/11 exhibit we saw all of the newspapers with the twin towers on the cover. This was cool because every paper in the world had it.

Snapchat and Polarr

In snap chat you can communicate with your friends through photos or text. It’s my favorite app because I can communicate with my friends. Download this from the app store.

In the Polarr editing app on Google chrome you can edit photos with many filters and adjusting settings like saturation and warmth. It’s my favorite because it’s very easy to use and works very well.



Rule of Thirds

In this project we had to take photos using the rule of thirds. In the rule of thirds. For the rule of thirds you try to dictate where the eye travels and the point of focus. So some things in this project that were successful were, putting the point of focus on one of the thirds lines. Also, making the second point of focus on a third line too. One thing that didn’t work was ignoring the lines all together. In my photo of Ryan I put the bottom of the horizontal grid at his feet and him on the line furthest to the right. For the soccer one I put the soccer goal post on the furthest left vertical line. Also, the sky is on the top horizontal line. Overall, I enjoyed the rule of thirds project,it taught me how to take a photo with a purpose.

White Background

When we did this project we had to light the background so it looks like there is no background at all. A few things that worked were shining a lot of light on the background and adjusting the shutter speed so it was open for a while. Some things that didn’t work were shining the light on the person and keeping the shutter open for a little. This is different than the black background because we had to keep it open for longer rather than a short period.  The black background was easier because with the white background you had to get no shadows which was very difficult. Where as the black background only the person had to be lit up.