In this project we had to turn off all of the lights and shine light on the person and make the black background look infinite. Some things that worked in this project was shinning light on the persons face and adjusting the settings.  Also, a few things that didn’t work were shinning the light on a persons shoulder and super long frame settings.


5 Shots

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In this assignment we walked around the building and took photos at 5 different angles. We had to use two objects and one person. One challenge in this assignment was to take photos in high definition at different angles. The hardest to photograph was Laith. He was the hardest because he moved a lot.

24 Crayons

This is the 24 crayon project. In the project we had to take a picture of a crayon next to an object  and the colors have to match. I found it challenging to match a few of the colors with objects. It was easy to actually take the photos in high definition. These are my two favorite photos from the project.