Light Graffiti

I took the photos using specific settings on the camera. The settings that I used were ISO at 100 and shutter speed at 10 seconds. We did this so that the camera could pick up all of the light possible in that period. Some things that worked was moving the light slowly so there are no streaks. Also, you can turn the light on and off to prevent unwanted lines because all light is picked up. Some frustrations were when the person moves it becomes blury. Some ideas are having different colored lights and having a better camera.


This photo is very cool. It is the last game for the  greatest baseball player, Babe Ruth. It is very touching because it’s sad to see him leave baseball.

This photo is very sad because an African girl is about to die and the vulture is going to eat her. It drew me to it because of how sad it was.

If I were the photographer I wouldn’t be able to separate my job from being a human. The struggles are seeing the terrible things you see. The rewards are praise.

My second exhibit is the 9/11 exhibit. At the 9/11 exhibit we saw all of the newspapers with the twin towers on the cover. This was cool because every paper in the world had it.