Snapchat and Polarr

In snap chat you can communicate with your friends through photos or text. It’s my favorite app because I can communicate with my friends. Download this from the app store.

In the Polarr editing app on Google chrome you can edit photos with many filters and adjusting settings like saturation and warmth. It’s my favorite because it’s very easy to use and works very well.



Rule of Thirds

In this project we had to take photos using the rule of thirds. In the rule of thirds. For the rule of thirds you try to dictate where the eye travels and the point of focus. So some things in this project that were successful were, putting the point of focus on one of the thirds lines. Also, making the second point of focus on a third line too. One thing that didn’t work was ignoring the lines all together. In my photo of Ryan I put the bottom of the horizontal grid at his feet and him on the line furthest to the right. For the soccer one I put the soccer goal post on the furthest left vertical line. Also, the sky is on the top horizontal line. Overall, I enjoyed the rule of thirds project,it taught me how to take a photo with a purpose.

White Background

When we did this project we had to light the background so it looks like there is no background at all. A few things that worked were shining a lot of light on the background and adjusting the shutter speed so it was open for a while. Some things that didn’t work were shining the light on the person and keeping the shutter open for a little. This is different than the black background because we had to keep it open for longer rather than a short period.  The black background was easier because with the white background you had to get no shadows which was very difficult. Where as the black background only the person had to be lit up.