App Review #1 VSCO

My favorite photo app is VSCO.  VSCO is a photography app that allows you to edit photos for free.  You can edit and add filters, take or upload photos and videos, and share them with others. VSCO lets you adjust the expose of light, color tint, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. VSCO is my favorite because it lets me adjust many things how I want them to be all with the click of a few buttons. 



For my second app, I did the online app called BeFunky. I had never used this app before today and I really liked it.  I could edit the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, fill light, background,  color, sharpness, and more. Even though I just used this app for the first time, I really like it because like VSCO it allows me to freely edit any photo how I want it to be. And there are a ton of options. Here is the website. 



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