This week in class we were asked to take two pictures of a person. One with them smiling and one with them not. This project was very interesting to do. It was very hard to find strangers that would allow you to take their photo and also very awkward asking them, especially when they said no. That is why I choose to do most picture of my family because I knew they would say yes and it was very easy to take a picture of them over the holidays. When I asked people not to smile, they sometimes looked scary and intimating but once they smile there happy friendly side began to show. This shows that it is important to smile everyday so you are portrayed as a friendly person instead of a person no one wants to walk up to. This has helped me as a photographer to see how people can be seen different when really they are the same person. Also, this has helped me see how stereotypes affect the world. Below is the link to all my photos and my favorite one I took.


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