Set In The Street

Our project was called “Set in the Street”. This project was based on a photograph, Justin Bettman, who used old furniture to create an elaborate interior designs and then left the sets on the streets for people to capture and share their own photos. For our project, we decided to replicate an old living room. It took multiple days to build the wall. The wall had three parts and then became one in the end. We had to assemble and cut the wood to fit perfectly. It also took some manual labor the nail and screw everything in and carry the walls around. Then we painted the wall a light gray to match our coach. Once everything was complete, we still had to connect the three pieces into one wall. It took after school time and work from a couple students to finish the project for Arts Night. We used the couches and chairs from the teachers lounge and the bookcase to make the living be more realistic. We also used two tables and put them together to make a coffee table and we placed books and a deck of cards to make it looked like someone lived there. Finally, we placed a lamp, from Mr. Leech, on the side and a picture of our school on the wall to make the room come more to life. During Arts Night we had fellow students and parents come and take photos in our set. This project was very fun to do but it definitely took time and work to complete. Below are some of my favorite photos and a video of us building it. 

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