Final Post

In this final project we were told two take 2 pictures of 10 items. One had to be a bad photo and one had to be the good photo of the item. We had to use the angle and perspective to make the photos look completely different. I also changed the brightness of some photos and made some in a filter. Below are  my two favorite photos from this project and a link to all my other ones.

Overall, I really liked this class because it broaden my perspective of how I see things and I have learned a lot. I have began to like photography more because of this class and have changed the way I take photos by making some on rule of thirds and taking photos with different angles, instead of just straight standing. My favorite project this year was the light graffiti because it was really fun to use the light to make things and to change the angle of the camera to make the photos look cooler. Below is my favorite photo from this project. I am open to having a career in photography because it seems very fun to be able to travel places just to get a photo. I hope to be able to take photography in high school as a class.  

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