Final Post

In this final project we were told two take 2 pictures of 10 items. One had to be a bad photo and one had to be the good photo of the item. We had to use the angle and perspective to make the photos look completely different. I also changed the brightness of some photos and made some in a filter. Below are  my two favorite photos from this project and a link to all my other ones.

Overall, I really liked this class because it broaden my perspective of how I see things and I have learned a lot. I have began to like photography more because of this class and have changed the way I take photos by making some on rule of thirds and taking photos with different angles, instead of just straight standing. My favorite project this year was the light graffiti because it was really fun to use the light to make things and to change the angle of the camera to make the photos look cooler. Below is my favorite photo from this project. I am open to having a career in photography because it seems very fun to be able to travel places just to get a photo. I hope to be able to take photography in high school as a class.  


This week in class we were asked to take two pictures of a person. One with them smiling and one with them not. This project was very interesting to do. It was very hard to find strangers that would allow you to take their photo and also very awkward asking them, especially when they said no. That is why I choose to do most picture of my family because I knew they would say yes and it was very easy to take a picture of them over the holidays. When I asked people not to smile, they sometimes looked scary and intimating but once they smile there happy friendly side began to show. This shows that it is important to smile everyday so you are portrayed as a friendly person instead of a person no one wants to walk up to. This has helped me as a photographer to see how people can be seen different when really they are the same person. Also, this has helped me see how stereotypes affect the world. Below is the link to all my photos and my favorite one I took.



This week in class we went to the Newsuem in Washington D.C. I visited many exhibits such as the Berlin Wall, Pulitzer Prize, and News History. My favorite exhibits were the Pulitzer Prize and the Berlin Wall because both exhibits showed very rough times in people’s lives and captured the world all in one photo. The award winning pictures in the Pulitzer Prize exhibit made me feel very sad and it was depressing.  The two photos below were the ones that caught my eye the most because they both had tragic stories that are capture in the photos. 

This photo captures on one Americas worst days. On September 11,2001 two planes flew by terrorists crashed into the twin towers causing destruction and death to many people. The photographer, Steve Ludlum took this photo right after the first plane hit. This pictures makes me very sad and reminds everyone of this tragic day. 

This picture captures one of the most awful natural disasters ever. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, it brought death and destruction to many people. More than 1,800 people died and an entire city laid underwater. These people in the photo, taken by Smiley N. Pool, are begging for help, hoping someone will come to their rescue. This picture is depressing and it is sad to look at the people suffering and scared. 

If I was a photographer, I’m not sure if I would be able to capture these awful events in a photo. However, I would probably take the photo in the end to help spread awareness, not to get famous. I would take the photos to help those struggling. I it defiantly hard for photographers to take photos of these events because sometimes they are just so bad that its disgusting and also you know that sometimes you can’t help the people, even though you want to. The reward is getting to spread awareness so people can help those in need. 

Lastly, I went to the News History exhibit. This room capture lots of the worlds history. It is very cool to see how much we have changed over the years. My favorite artifact was the 1572 France religious War because it was very intriguing and interesting to read about it and learn about the past. Also, it was very sad to read about how many people died. 


Set In The Street

Our project was called “Set in the Street”. This project was based on a photograph, Justin Bettman, who used old furniture to create an elaborate interior designs and then left the sets on the streets for people to capture and share their own photos. For our project, we decided to replicate an old living room. It took multiple days to build the wall. The wall had three parts and then became one in the end. We had to assemble and cut the wood to fit perfectly. It also took some manual labor the nail and screw everything in and carry the walls around. Then we painted the wall a light gray to match our coach. Once everything was complete, we still had to connect the three pieces into one wall. It took after school time and work from a couple students to finish the project for Arts Night. We used the couches and chairs from the teachers lounge and the bookcase to make the living be more realistic. We also used two tables and put them together to make a coffee table and we placed books and a deck of cards to make it looked like someone lived there. Finally, we placed a lamp, from Mr. Leech, on the side and a picture of our school on the wall to make the room come more to life. During Arts Night we had fellow students and parents come and take photos in our set. This project was very fun to do but it definitely took time and work to complete. Below are some of my favorite photos and a video of us building it. 

Thankful Epic

I am thankful for my family especially my mom because she always helps me and supports me in everything I do. She is always there for me and always makes me happy. I love her very much and I could not image my life without her.

I am thankful for my friends. They always make me laugh and never fail to put a smile on my face. They also never let me down and have my back.

I am thankful for my dog. He always comforts me and always makes me laugh. Whether it’s him being stupid and running into a wall or chasing a squirrel he will never get.

I am thankful for soccer team and my coach. My team always supports me and has my back. I am very thankful for my coach because he  always pushes me to be better and helps me and teaches me new things.

I am thankful for my house because it provides me shelter and a safe place to go. It is also where I grew up and have lived my whole life.

I am thankful for the beach because it is the one place that also makes me happy every time I go. No matter what it is always there

I am thankful for my school and the people that work in it. First, my school helps me learn new things. Also, it help prepare me for high school and challenges that I may face ahead.

Rule of Thrids

In this project we had to take photos using the technique “Rule of Thirds”. This means that we had to use the lines of the thirds and place the object we wanted the viewer to see the most because this is the spot where people look first. It was hard at first because we had to line the object on the lines without making all the objects in the picture on the same plane. Also, it took multiple times to get it to work . Once I got it to work, it was easy to keep doing it again. Below is my favorite photo and the link to all my photos.

Light Graffiti

In this project we were asked to create images using light photography in the dark. We had to adjust the shutter speed and ISO to make the photo look good and so you could see the light. The shutter speed was most important because it allowed us to create shaped with the lights for a maximum of 15 seconds and the camera was sucking in the light to make the shapes viable in a picture. This project was very fun but also very challenging. It was hard at first because we had to learn how to properly light up the person and images so you can see the person and words/ pictures without lighting up someone else.  Below are my five favorite photos that my group created and the link to all my other photos.

White Backgrounds

Our project was to take pictures of three or more students in our class with an infinite background. You had to play around with the camera settings- F-Stop, ISO, and Shutter Speed to make the background completely white and have no shadows. It was hard to make the background white and took multiple tries to make it an infinite background with no shadows. Then we had to edit the photos we took on Photoshop. You could make them black and white, which is what I did to make the photo look cool or just leave the color how it was and you had to edit the curves.  I learned lots on how to balance the 3 settings to make the photo have an infinite background. Below is my favorite photo I edited and the link to all my photos.


I really had fun during this project.  Our project was to take photos of other classmates with an infinite background using the three manual camera settings available to us- ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-Stop. It worked very well when the angle of the lighting was in the right stop to see the persons face without having the light in it or making it a different photo. It was hard to find that angle though and took multiple times to get the right photo and what made it harder was that we had to share the cameras, so we had limited time to take our photos.  It did not work when the light was to close so it made the persons face red or orange and it did not work when it was to far away because then you couldn’t see the persons face. Below is one of my favorite I took and edited, my link to all my photos, and my favorite photo of me taken by Bella.


App Review #1 VSCO

My favorite photo app is VSCO.  VSCO is a photography app that allows you to edit photos for free.  You can edit and add filters, take or upload photos and videos, and share them with others. VSCO lets you adjust the expose of light, color tint, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. VSCO is my favorite because it lets me adjust many things how I want them to be all with the click of a few buttons. 



For my second app, I did the online app called BeFunky. I had never used this app before today and I really liked it.  I could edit the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, fill light, background,  color, sharpness, and more. Even though I just used this app for the first time, I really like it because like VSCO it allows me to freely edit any photo how I want it to be. And there are a ton of options. Here is the website.