Light Graffiti

In this project we were told to create interesting pictures with flashlights by messing with the camera’s settings.  First we went to the gym and turned off all the lights so that it was pitch black.  Then, we changed the shutter speed to 15 seconds so that the camera would allow the light to come in.  After that we shined our flashlight at the camera and created a design and the final result was an interesting picture with light graffiti.  Some of the challenges in this project were if you were posing for the picture you couldn’t move at all or else the picture would be messed up and you would have to retake it.  Another challenge was if you were shining your flashlight and creating a design you couldn’t see what you had already drawn so you might go over it again and mess it up.  Some of the things that worked in this project were that it was easy to set up the camera and take the picture because you just set the shutter speed to 15 seconds then take the picture and leave it.  The picture below is my favorite picture because I find it interesting that the k is backwards.  Below is a link to the rest of  the pictures we took.

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