This photo made me feel sad and depressed because I see a little girl crying looking at her dead innocent dad.  It is also sad because I know that the dad died from criminal and it wasn’t his fault.  What drove me to look at this photo was the fact that it is very colorful and that there are many different things going on.  

This photo also made me feel heart broken because I know that I am looking at an event that killed tons of people.  What drove me to this photo was the fact that it is the exact moment right when the first tower started to fall.


If I were taking these photos I would separate being human verse my job because in the first photo I would have sympathy and not be able to take the photo when I am in so much shock.  If I were taking the 9/11 photo there is no chance that I would be thinking about my job because I would be running for my life and I would be so sad thinking about how many people just died.  I can identify the struggles of a photojournalist because it is a very emotional job.


My favorite exhibit was the 9/11 exhibit.  What made me like it was that they showed first hand accounts of people that were there and they showed film of the event happening.  My favorite artifact was that they had a piece of the building in the middle of the exhibit.  This fit into the Newseum because all news channels had this event on TV the whole day because it was a catastrophic event.