White background

Album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ToLn4nPtwudBwvu23

In this project we were told to create an infinite background and have someone pose in front of the camera.  We used the ISO, F-stop, and the shutter speed to create the effect of a never ending background.  Some of the challenges of this project were getting all the settings on the camera correct so that the background looked good and not having a shadow on the background.  Some things I found easy in this project were editing the pictures and posing in front of the camera.  Above is a link to see all the pictures I edited and below that is my favorite picture that I edited.


In order to complete this project we used the camera and played with the shutter speed, ISO, and F-stop to create an effect on the picture.  When we took the picture we stood in front of a black background and used a light to show our pose.  Some things that worked during the project was putting the light near the camera and cropping it out later.  Some things that didn’t work was when the light created a shadow that showed on the wall is messed up the picture.  Here is a link to the album of the pictures I took: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mnXjMUYHCGiDWRBn1 .  Here is a picture I made using the techniques above:Here is a picture of me taken by Jack Parmach: