Set in the Street

The project we just completed was called set in the street.Building a set in the street isn’t very complicated it is just time consuming.  The thing that worked the best was painting because that was pretty easy because it only took about five minutes.  The thing that didn’t work was nailing the nails into the wood because people kept messing up the nails and we would have to redo it.  To start the process of building the set in the street we measured and cut pieces of wood until it was 8 by 4 feet.  Then, we nailed all the wood together and painted it a dark grey.  After that, we placed the boards in the middle of the school and decorated the set with furniture and paintings from the teachers lounge.  We also decorated the set with lights and a bookshelf filled with books.  The process took about three days to build the set but the final product was amazing.  The final product ended up looking like a real living room in the middle of our school.  Below is a link to the construction process and pictures of the final product.  There is also a link to a time laps of us assembling the set.



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