This project we had to reflect on everything we learned this semester and take photos of how we used to take photos and how we take photos now.  This quarter we learned how to take better photos by using rule of thirds, ISO, f stop, etc.  My favorite project of the whole semester was definitely light photography because we got to make cool pictures and do whatever we wanted to do in the picture.  My thought have changed about photography because I now know how to take better pictures.  Photography does interest me as a career because you can travel and take cool pictures. I have changed the way I take photos because I can now take better pictures.   Below is my favorite picture I took and a link to see all the other photos I took.


For this project we had to ask random people if we could take a picture of them smiling and then another one of them not smiling.  During this project I learned that there are a lot of stereotypes just based on weather you smile or not when someone takes your picture.  For example when someone makes a straight face it makes them look sad or scary, but when someone smiles it makes them look happy.  What worked was comparing the differences of when they smiled and when they didn’t.  What was challenging was asking them to take the picture and just walking up to them without knowing them.  My opinion of the person I took a photo of did change when they smiled and when they didn’t.  To me when they didn’t smile they were not friendly and scary, but when they did smile they felt friendly and nice.


This photo made me feel sad and depressed because I see a little girl crying looking at her dead innocent dad.  It is also sad because I know that the dad died from criminal and it wasn’t his fault.  What drove me to look at this photo was the fact that it is very colorful and that there are many different things going on.  

This photo also made me feel heart broken because I know that I am looking at an event that killed tons of people.  What drove me to this photo was the fact that it is the exact moment right when the first tower started to fall.


If I were taking these photos I would separate being human verse my job because in the first photo I would have sympathy and not be able to take the photo when I am in so much shock.  If I were taking the 9/11 photo there is no chance that I would be thinking about my job because I would be running for my life and I would be so sad thinking about how many people just died.  I can identify the struggles of a photojournalist because it is a very emotional job.


My favorite exhibit was the 9/11 exhibit.  What made me like it was that they showed first hand accounts of people that were there and they showed film of the event happening.  My favorite artifact was that they had a piece of the building in the middle of the exhibit.  This fit into the Newseum because all news channels had this event on TV the whole day because it was a catastrophic event.

Set in the Street

The project we just completed was called set in the street.Building a set in the street isn’t very complicated it is just time consuming.  The thing that worked the best was painting because that was pretty easy because it only took about five minutes.  The thing that didn’t work was nailing the nails into the wood because people kept messing up the nails and we would have to redo it.  To start the process of building the set in the street we measured and cut pieces of wood until it was 8 by 4 feet.  Then, we nailed all the wood together and painted it a dark grey.  After that, we placed the boards in the middle of the school and decorated the set with furniture and paintings from the teachers lounge.  We also decorated the set with lights and a bookshelf filled with books.  The process took about three days to build the set but the final product was amazing.  The final product ended up looking like a real living room in the middle of our school.  Below is a link to the construction process and pictures of the final product.  There is also a link to a time laps of us assembling the set.



7 Days

I am thankful for my family.  They support me with everything I do and teach me lessons so that I can succeed in life.

I am thankful for my house.  It gives me a place to rest and feel comfortable.

I am thankful for food.  It gives me energy to strive and achieve everything I do throughout each day.

I am thankful for my dog. She gives me love and can always make my day by just being herself.

I am thankful for nature.  It gives me oxygen so that I can breath and thrive and it gives me a place to feel relaxed and alone.

I am thankful for my soccer team.  They teach me new soccer lessons and let me get better in soccer while making it a good time.

I am thankful for my friends.  They can always brighten my mood and we can do activities to keep me occupied. 



Rule of Thirds

In the Rule of Thirds project we were told to take pictures as if there was a grid on our camera’s and leaving the main object in the picture on one of the lines in the grid. Over all I enjoyed the project because we got to express our artistic ability of coming up with creative photographs.  What was easy was lining up the main object on one of the lines.  What was hard was finding picture that would end up looking good.  Some of the lines we used were diagonal and horizontal.  For example below is my favorite picture using the top horizontal line.  Also below is the link to see the rest of the photos I took.

Light Graffiti

In this project we were told to create interesting pictures with flashlights by messing with the camera’s settings.  First we went to the gym and turned off all the lights so that it was pitch black.  Then, we changed the shutter speed to 15 seconds so that the camera would allow the light to come in.  After that we shined our flashlight at the camera and created a design and the final result was an interesting picture with light graffiti.  Some of the challenges in this project were if you were posing for the picture you couldn’t move at all or else the picture would be messed up and you would have to retake it.  Another challenge was if you were shining your flashlight and creating a design you couldn’t see what you had already drawn so you might go over it again and mess it up.  Some of the things that worked in this project were that it was easy to set up the camera and take the picture because you just set the shutter speed to 15 seconds then take the picture and leave it.  The picture below is my favorite picture because I find it interesting that the k is backwards.  Below is a link to the rest of  the pictures we took.

White background

Album link:

In this project we were told to create an infinite background and have someone pose in front of the camera.  We used the ISO, F-stop, and the shutter speed to create the effect of a never ending background.  Some of the challenges of this project were getting all the settings on the camera correct so that the background looked good and not having a shadow on the background.  Some things I found easy in this project were editing the pictures and posing in front of the camera.  Above is a link to see all the pictures I edited and below that is my favorite picture that I edited.


In order to complete this project we used the camera and played with the shutter speed, ISO, and F-stop to create an effect on the picture.  When we took the picture we stood in front of a black background and used a light to show our pose.  Some things that worked during the project was putting the light near the camera and cropping it out later.  Some things that didn’t work was when the light created a shadow that showed on the wall is messed up the picture.  Here is a link to the album of the pictures I took: .  Here is a picture I made using the techniques above:Here is a picture of me taken by Jack Parmach:

VSCO Review


VSCO is a photography app that allows you to create an account and upload or take pictures, edit the picture, add filters, and send them to other users.  You can also upload the pictures you take on VSCO and upload them to other social media websites.  Another thing VSCO allows you to do is download other software to your phone so you can take better photos.  I recommend getting VSCO as photo app because with VSCO you can send unique photos to your friends.  You can also add filters to the amazing photos that you can take.  Here are some examples of photos that were taken on VSCO: