The purpose of this project was to make it look as though the subject of the photo had been Photoshoped into the picture.  To make this happen we first had to change the settings on our camera.  Once this was completed, all the lights were turned off except for a single hand held lamp.  It takes at least three people to take one photo;one person to take the photo, one person to be in the photo, and another to hold the light and angle it.  Once the picture was taken, you had to edit it in Photoshop using the curve tool.  This allows you to control what part of the photo darkens and which part becomes lighter.  You might also need to crop the photo to get rid of any excess background.  My group found it challenging to find the right lighting without making there be too much background.  We had to angle it so the person’s shadow was out of the shot.  It also helped to be farther away from the wall.  

Here’s a link to all the photos!https://photos.app.goo.gl/8I70LxFeeOLpLUIa2

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