7 Days

In this project I took 7 pictures of things that I am thankful for.  It is a compilation of important people and hobbies that make up who I am.  There are so many things that I am thankful for, it was hard to narrow it down to just 7.  The core pieces of my life comes from these 7 things and I will never stop being grateful for them.






If you asked anyone who knows me what my favorite thing is, they would say reading.  Hands down it is my biggest hobby besides music. I stick my nose within the pages of a book every chance that I get.  I am so thankful for reading and what it has given me in life. I have gained so much knowledge about the world and worlds that could never physically exist.  I have been able to find out more about who I am as a person by experiencing things from another persons perspective.  Reading is such a big part of my life and who I am as a person.  Without it I wouldn’t be the same.

Music is one of my biggest hobbies and is a humongous part of my life.  Heck, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this paragraph.  I am currently in a band and listen to music basically 24/7.  I am so thankful for the fact that I am able to listen to what I want, when I want.  With smart phones and YouTube, thousands of songs are at my disposal.  I think that I and everyone else with this astounding technology should be grateful.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have these kinds of opportunity.  It may sound trivial today, but it wasn’t until recently that you didn’t need a radio, a record, or a CD to listen to recorded music.  I think that is something every music lover should be thankful for.  I sure am.

My dog Stella is probably the cutest dog in existence.  Mr. Fitz, I’m sure you get that a lot during this project, but this time it’s true.  Just look a her wrinkly face! In all honesty, my family is really lucky to have her.  It was a total fluke.  Me and my mom were trying to think of a present for my brother birthday 4 years ago. We already had two, but I wanted another dog. I told my mother we needed to get my brother “something special” for his birthday.  One thing lead to another and we ended up looking at dogs online.  My mother had many requirements:  it had to be a french bulldog, house training, an adult, and at a fair price.  French bulldogs are very expensive and I didn’t think we were actually going to get another dog.  The my mom found a male bulldog for a very low price and called the seller.  The male was already gone, but she had a female she was willing to give us for FREE.  We left within the hour to go and pick her up. It is probably the most spontaneous thing I have ever done.  Stella is so sweet and soft, you can hold her like a baby and she wont fight back. I am really lucky that I have Stella as a pet.  She is one of a kind and I love her to death.

This one is pretty generic, but it’s true.  I am really thankful for the fact that I was able to come to Lakelands Park Middle School.  My home middle school is Hallie Wells and is known for having poorly behaved students. Lakelands was a much better school and was the #1 middle school when I was leaving elementary school.  I had to submit a cosa and have it approved by the Office of Student Services to be able to attend Lakelands. It took some time, but it was approved. I believe that going to this school has allowed me the chance of a better education and allowed me to make some really great friends.  

I am so grateful for all of my friends.  We are a small, tight knit group of quirky individuals.  We always have so much fun together and I know that they would be there for me in a pinch.  I am a hard judge of character and do not make friends lightly. They must earn my respect and trust.  I can say that all of my friends have done this. I know I don’t always say it, but I’m really glad I found a few great friends among my peers.  I know that I will be leaving them for high school and won’t be seeing any of them everyday anymore. But I will be sure to keep in touch and always treasure the memories we made these past few years.

My Uncle Drew came into my life during my time of need.  He popped up out of nowhere and showed me a good time when I least expected it.  We would go on outings to a baseball game or hiking. Once he even took me hot air ballooning!  But most of all he gave me a support system and a role model. I know I could say anything to him and it would stay just between the two of us.  There is no judgement, just a conversation were I don’t have to worry about being looked down upon because I’m a child. He gives me sound advice and an outlet to express feelings that would have otherwise stayed buried.  I really appreciate the fact that he cares in the first place, because he is under no obligation to spend time with me. I love him and am truly thankful he is in my life.

My Mom is the thing I am most thankful for in life.  She has helped me through so much and been there for me when I needed it.  She always put me first and I know that isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes true self sacrifice and love.  She is the most incredible woman I have ever met and my respect for her has no bounds. Not only is she supportive but she is also honest, almost brutally so.  I know I am always getting the truth from her, whether I want to hear it or not. I definitely can’t say that about everyone. I am truly grateful that I have a mom like her and I love her very much.  Thank you Mom!


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