Catch the Action

In this project the objective was to take successful shots of people or objects in motion.  In this project I took all my pictures outside of school.  I tried during class but I didn’t like how bland and generic the pictures I was taking looked.  So I went for a different angle.  I went hiking this past weekend and got a bunch of great shots of running water.  During this project I always had to have my camera out.  It only takes a moment for an action be over, it is very easy to miss the opportunity window.  Therefore I didn’t really set up most of my shots.  While I did set up my pictures of musical instruments by telling them to play, I did not set up most shots.  This may sound unprofessional,  but I just took a bunch of pictures and hoped of the best.   Cut me some slack, I’m only a middle school student after all.  My biggest tip is to always be ready and alert, because action is always happening around you.  Take a lot of pictures, as many as you can.  A few are bound to turn out.  If I could do this project and photograph any sport, I would defiantly choose sumo wrestling.  I feel like that would be hilarious to shoot!  There is a lot of action and jiggling fat, a giant showdown of beast pinned against beast.  Who wouldn’t want to take a photo of that?

If you want to see my photo’s click on this link!








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