1 Object, 5 Shots

1 Object, 5 Shots, is a pretty self explanatory project.  You have to find three items and take 5 separate pictures of the same thing from different angels.   At least one of these objects had to be a person.  During this project I found it slightly difficult to get 5 different interesting shots of the same item.  It was useful to take pictures of objects that stood up on its own and had an underbelly, but good shots were challenging to find none the less.  I think the most unfavorable thing to photograph was a person, but not because it was physically strenuous to take there picture.  The hardship was more on an emotional level, as it is extremely awkward to shove a camera 5 inches away from someones face for the perfect shot.  Hardships aside, this activity allowed me to find interesting angels that are different and more eye catching.  I’m sure that this experience will help me in future projects.


Here are the rest of mt photo’s!












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