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I have thoroughly enjoyed this semester of photography class.  We have done so many different projects and each of them has shown me something new about photography.  Many of them were collaborative projects, like Light Graffiti for instance. I didn’t even know that it was possible to draw with light using a camera before this class.  I have had fun with all the project I’ve completed and they drove me to take pictures outside of school. This class completely changed my outlook photography. It is so much more than simply taking a picture, a real photographer has so many different techniques and angles at their disposal.  I had never really thought about what it takes to be a photographer and to take good photos. It is much harder than I would have originally imagined, but also more entertaining. I think that it is really fun to use these techniques to improve my photography. I now use what I have learned when I’m taking any photo and it has definitely improved my quality of work.  I think out of all the projects, Up Close was by far my favorite. During this projects my brother had a baseball game right next to the woods, so I ventured into the wilderness in search of a few good pictures. I know I embarrassed him when I was lying on the ground in front of his team, trying to get just the right angle. That was a good laugh. I had a lot of fun with that project and I think I got some really awesome photos in the end.

Photography interests me as more of a hobbie than a career.  From what I gather it is very hard to become a successful photographer.   While this is not something I aspire to be professionally, I would still like to look into photography.  It is definitely an enjoyable pass time for me and it’s a great excuse to get out in nature. In high school I plan on taking at least one photography class.  It feels like this class has only scratched the surface of all the things there is to know about photography and I would like to further my knowledge on the subject.  If there is one thing this class has been successful in doing, it is intriguing me about the art of photography.

Click on this link to see 10 different comparisons of what my work would have been before and after this class.


Below is my favorite picture from this last project.  I would also like to thank Mr.Fitz for teaching me this semester.  I have had a lot of fun and I think he is a great teacher.  I will miss him and his class next year!

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