This photo,Starvation is Sundown by Kevin Carter made me very sad and made me feel really bad for the kid and other kids like the girl in the photo. What drew to the photo was how the voucher was behind the girl getting ready to eat it. 

This photo by Steve Cudlum really made me shocked. What drew me to the photo was how to close it was when the first tower was falling. 

If i were a photojournalist I would choose being myself than my job because i would have too much guilt. Struggle of being a photojournalist is probably being at terrible  moments and having to watch other people going through that. 

My favorite exhibit was the FBI one because i found how they had all of the stories of the criminals and their real weapons really interesting. My favorite artifact was how they had the real cabin of the person who made homemade bombs. I think it fit into the Newseum because it was filled about all sad and shocking stories and the Newseum’s pictures and etc were shocking and interesting. 


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