Last project

This semester was really fun because all of the different projects.  I liked this class because we had a lot of freedom to take different photos around the school. My thoughts about photography on have changed because i learned more ways to take photos and etc. my favorite project was the light graffiti because i found it rly cool. i would not find a photographer as a professional career because i don’t have a lot of interest in it. 



This was my favorite photo because the set was really fun to build




This photo,Starvation is Sundown by Kevin Carter made me very sad and made me feel really bad for the kid and other kids like the girl in the photo. What drew to the photo was how the voucher was behind the girl getting ready to eat it. 

This photo by Steve Cudlum really made me shocked. What drew me to the photo was how to close it was when the first tower was falling. 

If i were a photojournalist I would choose being myself than my job because i would have too much guilt. Struggle of being a photojournalist is probably being at terrible  moments and having to watch other people going through that. 

My favorite exhibit was the FBI one because i found how they had all of the stories of the criminals and their real weapons really interesting. My favorite artifact was how they had the real cabin of the person who made homemade bombs. I think it fit into the Newseum because it was filled about all sad and shocking stories and the Newseum’s pictures and etc were shocking and interesting. 


Set in the Street

Building the set in the street wasn’t as complicated as it seemed. We built the walls first that were 8ft by 4ft then we painted each wall and put them all together to make one big wall. The hard part was putting in the nails into the wall because you had to hit it hard and straight or it would go up and out of the wood. The easier part was going to get the smaller furniture. Some were heavy but with a lot of people helping it wasn’t as bad. The walls were painted a greyish color and had a stand so it wouldn’t fall over. Next we put the couches down and got books to put into the bookshelf and got lamps and coffee tables. The process was not as bad as it seemed because everyone helped out so it was much easier and got things done faster.


7 days

 I am thankful for nature because it is very calming. Nature also is very beautiful to look at. Nature is also satisfying.

I am very thankful for the beach because whenever im there i am happy. Also i have a lot of memories mad at the beach and my family and I always have great times there.

I am thankful for long car rides because I love going somewhere far listening to music and  going on my phone. Also i’m really thankful for car rides because  my sibling and I always listen to fun old songs.

I am very thankful for lacrosse because it really makes me happy and i love playing. Also because my friends and I always have so much fun and learning new skills and tricks.

I am so thankful for my friends because they always there for me and  always know how to make me laugh. I love going out and hanging out with them and making fun memories.

I am thankful for food keeping me alive. And i’m very thankful for good food always satisfying me.

Lastly i am very thankful for my family and loving me. Even after fights i love ,my family very much and they are always there to make me laugh and etc. 



The process to take the white background photos was a little harder than the black backgrounds. It was hard to find the right angles because of shadows. You couldn’t be too close up because of shadows. To edit my photos I used the curves tool in Photoshop and adjusted the brightness and saturation and black and white tool.


When taking the photos messing with the shutter speed was very easy and interesting to use because the lighting change was cool. When changing the lamp lighting putting to the side made the photos turn out bright but putting directly strait worked well.

My favorite picture:



favorite picture someone took of me:

App review

Snapchat app review


My favorite photo app is snapchat. Snapchat is a great app because it takes photos and videos that you can put filters on and zoom in and etc. Snapchat is also nice because it has front flash and flash on the back camera. On snaphcat you can upload them on your story where people can view or send them directly to your friends. The filters on snapchat are also very cool they can be colorful or animals or tell the time, weather, and mph. Snapchat also can save your photos.


Befunky online editor review


Befunky Allows you to edit photos in new and creative ways. It is my favorite online photo  editor because it allows you to make boring photos into creative artsy photos. It is also good because it is free and allows you to take photos. Here is an edit made on befunky.



24 colors

The assignment 24 colors was kinda challenging because the colors was very hard to find and the easy part was finding where to place the crayon for the picture. Another challenge was  to see if the colors matched on camera. But overall the assignment was  fun even with the challenges.



color: orange

color: yellow green



color: blue



color: grey