7 days

 I am thankful for nature because it is very calming. Nature also is very beautiful to look at. Nature is also satisfying.

I am very thankful for the beach because whenever im there i am happy. Also i have a lot of memories mad at the beach and my family and I always have great times there.

I am thankful for long car rides because I love going somewhere far listening to music and  going on my phone. Also i’m really thankful for car rides because  my sibling and I always listen to fun old songs.

I am very thankful for lacrosse because it really makes me happy and i love playing. Also because my friends and I always have so much fun and learning new skills and tricks.

I am so thankful for my friends because they always there for me and  always know how to make me laugh. I love going out and hanging out with them and making fun memories.

I am thankful for food keeping me alive. And i’m very thankful for good food always satisfying me.

Lastly i am very thankful for my family and loving me. Even after fights i love ,my family very much and they are always there to make me laugh and etc.