White Background Portrait

In this project, we placed a subject against a back-lit white background and adjusted the ISO and shutter speed on the camera to let less light in. I thought the black background was easier because the lighting on this project was hard to perfect. Then we edited and cropped them in Adobe Photoshop. Leaving the ISO and shutter speed as it was didn’t work and the photos didn’t turn out. We found that the further we held the light from the person the better the photos were.

link to album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2QJwzhQlyGFqfEQJ2

Portraits- Black Background

For this project, we posed in front of a backdrop with the lights off. One person in the group adjusted the camera, to make the ISO and shutter speed appropriate for the lighting. Then we turned out the lights, and someone in the group held a light at an angle in order to make our background seem darker. Then in Photoshop, we edited the color out of the backdrop so the background looked black and infinite. The thing that worked the best was holding a pencil case in front of the light to make it less intense. One thing that didn’t work was having the subject too far from the camera. When we did that, the photos were too dark and there were shadows. You can see my two favorites below, and an album with the others is attached to the link.