Portraits- Black Background

For this project, we posed in front of a backdrop with the lights off. One person in the group adjusted the camera, to make the ISO and shutter speed appropriate for the lighting. Then we turned out the lights, and someone in the group held a light at an angle in order to make our background seem darker. Then in Photoshop, we edited the color out of the backdrop so the background looked black and infinite. The thing that worked the best was holding a pencil case in front of the light to make it less intense. One thing that didn’t work was having the subject too far from the camera. When we did that, the photos were too dark and there were shadows. You can see my two favorites below, and an album with the others is attached to the link.


5 Shots

In this assignment, we had to choose 3 different objects, (one was a person) and take pictures of them with 5 different angles. I chose a paper, a friend, and a plant. The hardest one was my friend, because she wouldn’t hold still long enough. This project helped me to learn about the different compositions of objects and the different ways to take a good photo.My favorites are down below.

Here’s the Link to my Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/IrNHHrNuNtcE4emZ2


24 Crayons


In this project, we bought a box of 24 crayons and placed them in an environment of the same or similar color. The project was rather easy for me, but it was kind of hard to find the ‘apricot’ color and there were lots of shades of blue and purple. It was easy to find the black, white, and brown crayons because those colors are everywhere. Overall, I enjoyed the project and I hope other classes in the future will get to do it too.  My two favorite photos are below, and the link to my others is above, enjoy!