So I Asked Them To Smile


The most difficult part of this project was getting people to make a serious face since everyone always assumes you want them to smile. I saw a lot of big differences, it’s almost scary.  You can tell in peoples eyes how they really feel and it’s cool to see peoples emotions change so fast. Bias can make the difference of whether you take a certain photo or not.  I think it’s important to ignore your personal bias. You should ask a client some background questions to get a good idea of what photos you should take.

Light Graffiti

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In this project, we changed the iso and opened the shutter for a certain amount of time in order to capture the light. We went into the dark gym and got to work! We had to make sure that the light was facing the camera. The shutter would open for the amount of time we set it for (8-15 seconds) and we would draw. Writing words was the most frustrating part. We had to do our movements slowly and we had to think them out. If someone really wanted to, they could trace an entire scene with the light, if they left the shutter open for a very long time. 

Newseum Post

My feelings for the first photo (Columbine Massacre) are extremely sad because you can see the hurt on the boys’ faces. I was drawn to the photos because of the strong  emotions the image puts off. My feelings for the second photo (Historic Campaign) are inspired because Obama seems very determined to be making the speech in the rain. I couldn’t be an intense photographer like this because I wouldn’t be able to help the people, just take photos. This is obviously one of the struggles of the job. The rewards could be in the happy photos you take.

The second exhibit I documented was the 9/11 Memorial Exhibit. My favorite part was the fact that you can write about your feelings on the event and submit them. 9/11 was an event that changed American history for good and I think it fits perfectly into the Newseum because of it’s significance. I think everyone should see this exhibit no matter how old in order to fully understand the horrific event altogether.