7 Days

  1. The first picture in my thread is of my garden. I love being outside and helping nature flourish. Since I am vegetarian, I like to grow lots of fruits and veggies fresh. Growing a garden also benefits bees and other animals who need plants to live and thrive. The plants in the photo are my peony flowers and a mint plant.
  2. The second picture is of my cat, Panda. She’s 9 years old and a brown tabby. I’ve had her since I was in kindergarten and she is perfect. She follows me around like a dog, and she’s very cuddly. She likes to play with water in the sink, and she’s really good at tricks. Without Panda, I don’t know what I’d do, I love her so much!
  3. The third picture is of my horse, Fargo. He’s a 6 year old Percheron/TB horse. He’s the joy of my life and I love riding him. We’ve jumped 3’6 together and won 5th and 6th place ribbons in a show. He’s the coolest horse ever! 
  4. The fourth picture is of my grandma’s dog, Bailey. This picture represents my thankfulness for all dogs, not just Bailey. All dogs bring joy into so many people’s lives, and dogs deserve all the thanks in the world for it. Bailey is so cuddly and sweet, and I’m thankful for all the happiness she’s brought me and the other members in my family.
  5. The fifth picture is of my friends’ Gabri and Bella. Every time I see them they make me smile. We’ve had so many good times together and I’m very thankful for them. We always have fun running around taking pictures and going to see Ms. Phillip. I love messing around with them and can’t wait to make even more memories. 
  6. The sixth picture is of my smile. I had began going to the orthodontist in first grade. I had braces from 2nd to 7th grade. My teeth were my worst insecurity and having braces for so long was very painful. Now that my teeth are perfect, I’m very thankful for my bright, beautiful smile. 
  7. The final picture is of my computer keyboard. I am thankful for all technology, because without it, we wouldn’t be able to communicate, play games, and do everyday things like keep food cold in a refrigerator or heat it up. Technology is such a critical part of our lives its hard to imagine life without it. 






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