7 days

  I am thankful for the sport of baseball. Baseball helps ease my mind and take me away from reality. I get to let my energy out and have fun doing so.






I am thankful for my friends and the snacks they give me. I would not be the same without the delicious food they give me.






 I am thankful for my dog. She brings so much happiness to my family. She is also very delirious. She does crazy things that make me laugh.






I am very thankful for fortnite. Fortnite is an entertaining game that connects me with my friends. I am a complete dog at this game.



 I am thankful for my daddy. He provides everything for me. I love him so very much. He’s pretty dope too.

I am thankful for mi madre. She is pretty dope. She cooks me food and washes the dishes when I don’t want to. She also helps me and does my homework for me. Just kidding. Get your neck.

 I am thankful for my grandpa. He always makes jokes and is a pull god. He is very nice. He also has an amazing smile. His room is always cold which I don’t like. Sometimes he gives me food. I love food.