Pro’s vs Joes

During the long semester, I improved my photography levels a lot. I realized that the angle and clarity of the photo make the photo that much better. I used to think photography was easy, but it is actually very difficult. My favorite project was the light graffiti because I think it was very fun to make. Photography is fun, but I don’t want to be a photographer. I may continue photography in high school, but not as a career. This is my album:  This is my favorite photo:

7 days

  I am thankful for the sport of baseball. Baseball helps ease my mind and take me away from reality. I get to let my energy out and have fun doing so.






I am thankful for my friends and the snacks they give me. I would not be the same without the delicious food they give me.






 I am thankful for my dog. She brings so much happiness to my family. She is also very delirious. She does crazy things that make me laugh.






I am very thankful for fortnite. Fortnite is an entertaining game that connects me with my friends. I am a complete dog at this game.



 I am thankful for my daddy. He provides everything for me. I love him so very much. He’s pretty dope too.

I am thankful for mi madre. She is pretty dope. She cooks me food and washes the dishes when I don’t want to. She also helps me and does my homework for me. Just kidding. Get your neck.

 I am thankful for my grandpa. He always makes jokes and is a pull god. He is very nice. He also has an amazing smile. His room is always cold which I don’t like. Sometimes he gives me food. I love food.

Catch the action

Here is the link to all of my photos:

In this project, I took photos of people in motion. I had to get the right angles and the perfect timing for the photos to have action. Some tips I would have for people is to wait a little after the action then take the photo. Wait around .3 seconds. I would take a picture of someone hitting a baseball.

Here are my two favorite photos:


Getting Close

In this project, I had to take pictures of objects up close. It was challanging to get the the picture to be focused and clear. If I had the perfect amount of time and equipment, I would try to get a close picture of a baseball and see the stitches up close.Here is the link to all of my photos: 


In this project, we took pictures of people smiling and not smiling. Nothing about this project was difficult. When the students smiled, it changed my perspective on them and changed my perspective on how people judge each other off of a look. Seeing certain people and judging them instantly will make me either take a photo of them or not. I would not judge my clients based on looks and wait for their personality to shine.




Here is the link to the rest of my photos: usp=sharing

Light Graffiti

I took my photos by keeping the bulb open for 8 seconds. The background was really dark so the light stands out. We changed the ISO to only let a little bit of light into the lens. The only way the light showed up clearly was shining the light directly at the camera. If you didn’t shine the light at the camera, it would not have shown up. It was frustrating on how you had to stay still unless the picture would come out blurry. To make the photo better, have more people, and more colors to make the photo more creative. 

Here is the link to the rest of my photos:

Pulitzer Prize

 This photo is very sad. It is of a kid being pulled away from his family because he contracted the deadly disease of Ebola.

 This picture is of a kid starving and a vulture ready to eat it.

Being a photographer would be very hard because there would be photos that I don’t want to take, but they can inspire people to make a change in the world. I would take amazing photos and I would get noticed for them, but some would be very hard to take.

Photo App Review

I used Snapchat to take and edit this photo on the left. The app is a social media picture and texting app. That is why I like it. To download this app, you go to the app store and download it.





The second app is Polar. It is an app people use to edit photos. It is very simple

 and can change your photo in seconds. Its my favorite because its simple and easy. It’s easy directions helped me edit the photo on the right.


Rule of thirds

These are my favorite photos:

In this project, nothing was very challenging, we just had to get the main part of the photo on 1/3 of the grid. In the begging I thought this would be very challenging, but I found out it wasn’t. In my photo settings, I put a grid on my camera. I had to align the main part of the photo with the grid.

Here are the rest of my photos: 


White Backround

I took regular photos but put light on the white background and let as much light come in as possible. Everything worked, just sometimes the light caused shadows. The settings I had to use for white background and black background were pretty similar. I just had to use a little amount of light or a lot of light. The white background was easier.


Heres my link to other photos: