In this project, we took pictures of people smiling and not smiling. Nothing about this project was difficult. When the students smiled, it changed my perspective on them and changed my perspective on how people judge each other off of a look. Seeing certain people and judging them instantly will make me either take a photo of them or not. I would not judge my clients based on looks and wait for their personality to shine.




Here is the link to the rest of my photos: usp=sharing

Light Graffiti

I took my photos by keeping the bulb open for 8 seconds. The background was really dark so the light stands out. We changed the ISO to only let a little bit of light into the lens. The only way the light showed up clearly was shining the light directly at the camera. If you didn’t shine the light at the camera, it would not have shown up. It was frustrating on how you had to stay still unless the picture would come out blurry. To make the photo better, have more people, and more colors to make the photo more creative. 

Here is the link to the rest of my photos:

Pulitzer Prize

 This photo is very sad. It is of a kid being pulled away from his family because he contracted the deadly disease of Ebola.

 This picture is of a kid starving and a vulture ready to eat it.

Being a photographer would be very hard because there would be photos that I don’t want to take, but they can inspire people to make a change in the world. I would take amazing photos and I would get noticed for them, but some would be very hard to take.